Schmidt Personality Type Test

  1. True False
    I secretly fear being attacked by walnuts.

  2. True False
    I suspect my nostrils of plotting against me.

  3. True False
    I believe in wombats.

  4. True False
    I helped design the Swiss Army spatula.

  5. True False
    Being around strange cheese without being formally introduced makes me nervous.

  6. True False
    I can seldom get paper plates to laugh at my jokes.

  7. True False
    All of my best friends are amphibious.

  8. True False
    I am most comfortable when clad only in radishes.

  9. True False
    I feel that a third tongue is essential for success.

  10. True False
    My bath towel is a somewhat disappointing conversationalist.

  11. True False
    I get annoyed when my freckles wander off.

  12. True False
    I lie awake at night thinking about trapezoids.

  13. True False
    I often wish my knuckles weren't flammable.

  14. True False
    I have dated a Q-tip.

  15. True False
    When my belly-button talks to me, I ignore it.

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