I dreamt that I was in a dormitory, and rain was leaking in through the roof at an alarming rate. All the overhead sprinklers were on, too, and water was flying through the air from all sides. The air was so thick with water that I couldn't breathe - I kept choking and coughing. I realized that I held in my hands a very heavy mat, and thought that if I could just get it up over my head, it would create an airspace for me to breathe safely. But I was dizzy and weak from choking, and I wasn't sure I had the energy to lift the mat.

Then I was outside, in my parents' backyard which was actually the dormitory yard, and the rain had slowed to a light drizzle. I felt much better. There was a pipe running through the yard, and when people touched the pipe, it burned through their hands like acid. I grabbed the pipe, not realizing what would happen, and watched a hole grow in the palm of my hand, the skin turning green and steaming. I let go, and as I stared at the ruptured skin it began to close up. I discovered that part of the healing process involved one of my index fingers turning into a small gryphon for a while. When I grabbed the pipe again with both hands, the other index finger turned into a phoenix.

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