Based on a dream... it doesn't really make sense yet, exactly, but it intrigues me and I might try to build a somewhat surreal story around it someday...

Nobody knew about the colors. She tried to explain, but nobody listened. Didn't they see the differences in all the hues that filled the room? When they filed out of the room, didn't they see the rainbow?

Ah, but then, they never turned to look up into the sky. They never looked around the little room. She tried to get them to see the colors, but they would not look at her.

Except one. she saw him looking at her once, when he thought she was not looking back. When she noticed his eyes upon her, he quickly lowered his gaze once more. But she had seen it - for the briefest of moments, they made eye contact.

She made him a bat. The wings were an icy ocean blue at the base, changing gradually through the deep indigo of night and passing then through the violet and pink of dawn on their way to a fiery red at the extreme tips. As she crafted them with care, she watched the world flow by in the colors.

Holding the small, crouching bat in her hand, she approached him, and unfurled the wings before his face. She spoke to him of red and blue, and everything between. She showed him the world in the wings, and the differences between the ice and fire of the extremes. She spoke earnestly, pleadingly. Eventually, she spoke anxiously, exhaustedly. Through it all, he made no movement.

Defeated, she turned to go. But as she moved, he looked up at her. His eyes caught at hers, and in them, she saw knowledge, full and deep. He looked at her with passion, and utter despair.

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