- cognitive science blogs -

a collection of interesting cognitive science-related blogs that I have run across. if you know of more (anything related to cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence, or certain areas of linguistics and philosophy), please let me know.

Cognitive Daily. reports on peer-reviewed developments in the field. updated almost daily. very thorough and well-explained.

Developing Intelligence. an examination of the meaning of intelligence, and how it emerges in natural and artificial systems. nice, clear explanations and analyses.

neurodudes. neuroscience and AI, with a bit of cognitive psych mixed in. good explanations of computational and neurological issues. run by a couple of neurodudes I know.

Mind Hacks. neuroscience and psychology focus. affiliated with the book of the same name. brief posts with lots of links.

Mixing Memory. a personal blog by a cognitive scientist, not strictly about cognitive science (and sometimes of a more political bent), but generally related.

Experimental Philosophy. "A blog dedicated to interdisciplinary research in legal theory, philosophy, and psychology." tangentially related to cognitive science, for the most part, but interesting.

BrainBlog. A neuroscience-focused blog by neuropsychologist Anthony Risser.