- artwork -

Here are a few of my works. They range in time period, from ~2003 back to mid-high school (1995?).

NOTE: This material is mine, protected under copyright. However, if you want to use any of my work for personal (non-profit) purposes, go right ahead. You can use it as a tattoo (but please do not let the tattoo artist keep the design), or you can put it on your webpage if you give credit to me and link back to my page. If you wish to use any piece for a logo, business brochure, or anything that is not strictly personal use, please contact me first.
i can't jump (a comic)

dragonfly ring

dragonfly world


underworld steed



a disarming idea

elf and dragon, in need of a title


four faces of Peter

magic flute

self portrait during daylight hours

self portrait at night


wolf pups

too sexy for his hat

Agent Cooper